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MLS Laser Therapy

MLS Laser Therapy services offered in Provo, UT

MLS Laser Therapy is an innovative treatment for pain, inflammation, and arthritis. MLS Laser Therapy uses two synchronized diode lasers to treat pain, inflammation, and arthritis. It does this by stimulating cells to remove toxins, increasing oxygen into the cells, blocking pain signals, and increasing blood flow to the area of injury. In essence, the MLS laser jumpstarts the body’s own healing process.

MLS Laser Therapy Q & A

What is MLS used for?  

MLS can be used to treat both acute pain, like from an ankle sprain, and chronic pain, such as arthritis. In addition, it is ideal for tendon and ligament injuries, soft tissue injuries, sore muscles and joints, nerve pain, and chronic wounds. It can also relieve conditions like bursitis, plantar fasciitis, dislocations, muscle tears, and tendonitis, to name a few.

How does MLS work?

MLS Laser Therapy uses two diode lasers at the wavelengths of 808nm and 905 nm to generate light energy. The energy of these wavelengths targets the injured tissues. The downstream effects include increased blood flow to the area which helps reduce swelling and the building of new blood vessels to the area. It also blocks the pain signals transmitted by nerves to the brain. It also increases the metabolic activity of the cells, bringing greater amounts of oxygen to healing tissue. MLS Laser Therapy also stimulates wound healing and reduces scar formation. Because of these many effects, MLS Laser Therapy has many applications for treating acute and chronic injuries.

What will my MLS treatment plan look like?

For most patients, 6-10 treatments are sufficient to obtain excellent results. In general, acute injuries such as ankle sprains or ligament tears require fewer treatments than chronic conditions like arthritis. Treatments are scheduled every other day for two or three weeks, depending on the injury.

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MLS Laser Therapy
MLS Laser Therapy